Est. 2024


Imanse Beauty is a Nigerian owned African beauty company that manufactures skin and hair care products. Nature is our biggest inspiration,  it is our roadmap and we follow it closely. Nature has solutions for most, if not all of our skin’s concerns and we prefer to have a safe approach to solving skin care issues. At Imanse Beauty ,we use the knowledge of nature to develop a natural 100% organic skin care and hair care range; totally free from additives and harmful chemicals. Our products are formulated with natural and organic ingredients that are absolutely soothing and highly beneficial to the body and soul. We draw inspiration from the diverse tapestry of our African culture, our herbs , spices , oils, roots & grains.  It holds so much power and informs our decisions and formulations .
Our plants, roots, & herbs, they tell a story from generation to generation that everything we need is with us. We need to use what we have, what we own to achieve what we need.

Imanse Beauty is committed to manufacturing the best quality of skin care products that are 100% organic. We only desire to give our customers the best products and services combined with an exclusive design and innovative packaging. Skin is always in.

Our vision is to be the number one (1) choice of the people whenever they think of high quality organic beauty products (skincare and hair care). We aim to be a company recognized by the quality and effectiveness of our products.